Concept & Design
Numbers are the great orderers of the Universe. Numbers can do anything and everything the mind can perceive has a number. Their essence is eternal, immutable and infinite. It brings us back to the harmonious existence of all things.

From this profound need to understand the symbolic force of numbers that guides us according to an infallible and magical scheme, NUMBERS is born, the latest creative vision of LDF studio.

NUMBERS is a language, a community, a sensorial space where people can meet in syntony, giving life to a collective power. A world in which people wish to join in order to broaden their horizons, to trace new coordinates that allow them to look at the future from a renewed perspective.

LDF sweater represents the coordinates that unite the different personalities that have collaborated in the creation of NUMBERS. A map of numbers that tells an authentic story of people united by the need for a real dialogue and a sensory connection much more than digital.

LDF studio believes that visions shared by multiple people are the foundation of a tight-knit and efficient team; visions that come to be shared by the collective become the foundation of organizations and cultures and, ultimately, of civil progress.
Stories can change the world for the better because they unite us around common values.