Creative & Art Direction
The general idea of the communication project is to create and represent the world behind Colmar, beyond the products, to get the viewer more involved in the context and express the most important values of the brand: Sport, Style, Innovation, Italian Spirit, Heritage.
The beach is the place where a parallel reality came to life, a new dimension where the puffer jacket can be seen with a different eye. The jacket is no more connected only to winter and can be proposed in a different season to follow the new climate and style trends.

The garments are now an object of desire, almost art pieces, and can be stylized and interpreted in unusual ways.

The black & white portraits of the protagonists are the key elements that help us to communicate the emotions and to give more intensity to the image shaking up the traditional concepts linked to the sportswear, in order to have a new vision of the collection and elevate its perception.

The textiles waved by the wind represent what’s behind the product: the quality and the spirit of innovation of Colmar.

The combination of color and black & white pictures gives us the opportunity to create two different visual layers and enhances the intensity of the campaign.