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About us

We are an international creative communications and design studio and our work focuses on brand strategy for clients from fashion, art, luxury and music words through a multiplicity of digital and analog forms.
We define the identity and institutional values and innovatively and experimentally create a new strategic vision through storytelling that engages key audiences globally.
We believe that the connection of diverse references, influences, communities and visions can inspire and contribute to a substantial cultural change to improve the world and create unique individual spaces in various shapes and sizes.
We want to bring key audiences together to create community experience and build a contemporary way of communicating.

Our services

ADV campaign
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Content Strategy
Experience Mapping
Social Media Strategy

Identify Design
Design System
Art Direction
Signage and Wayfinding

Social Media
Content Development

Creative direction/concepting/research
Art direction/layout development
Budget & production supervision
Project management
Talents proposal
Casting direction
Photo / video
Post-production supervision
Artworks compliance (press, social, billboards etc.)
Format and support study and proposals
Print supervision

Environmental Design
Event Design
Experience Design
Exhibition Design
Installation Design
Retail Experience
Spatial Experience

Art Direction

Data Visualization
Website Design
Digital Experience
App Design

Our way of working

We approach each project with the broadest, most creative, collective and experimental vision possible. We believe that every project, regardless of its nature and size, is primarily a new challenge to be faced together, an ecosystem in which emotional stories, experiential worlds, unique identities coexist in a harmonious way through images, storytelling, colors, collaborations and experiences.
Our intent is not to work for the client but with the client, with the aim of designing an overall experience that reflects the values, the awareness and the universe of the brand.

Our methodology is based on two concepts:
Collective thinking, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Thanks to the creation of a real Team of artists and talents, we guarantee a contemporary and individual language through the development of a curatorial project able to mark a new step in the present, with an eye to the future.
Co-working, to make the Brand Team an integral partner of our collective in the process of analysis and design from the very first steps.
The combination of individuals with different profiles, perspectives and technical skills will encourage contamination and comprehensive discussions contributing to the creation of a new 360° creative- strategic vision of the brand.


Our team is lead by Lele Del Fabbro, Art and Creative director behind LDF Studio. After more than ten years experienced as Creative Director at Giorgio Armani, he founded his own studio. Thanks to his attention to details and passion for research, Lele gives a unique vision to every project. Today, with a wide range of collaborations, we produce high-end creative solutions through innovative language and artistic approach, that match present and future trends.

@ LDF Studio, we believe that creativity is the greatest accelerator for change the world has ever known. We have a great opportunity to evolve the way we communicate. It’s time to change the way we work. What is happening is a great opportunity. Let’s work now to prepare ourselves to write a different future.


Nathaniel Goldberg
Albert Watson
Tom Munro
Steven Meisel
Mert & Marcus
David Sims
Steven Klein
Patrick Demarchellier
Viviane Sassen
Craig McDean
Paolo Roversi
Peter Lindbergh
Nick Knight
Solve Sundsbo
Mario Sorrenti
Pamela Hanson
Mikael Jansson
Brett Lloyd
Mel Bles
Johan Renk