Internal Research

April 2022

The events of the last two years have caused a drastic slowdown in the pace of production in various professional fields but have also been an unexpected opportunity for rebirth, growth and development that LDF Studio has been able to seize and exploit to the best. 

We spent this time pondering new creative visions, broadening our perspectives, giving rise to new connections and collaborations with a varied community of artists, architects, designers and philosophers. 

We have from here expanded our experience and perspectives, conscious that transformation was necessary for the studio to evolve into a collective of creative minds committed under the same core of cultural and ethical values.

LDF Studio has thus transformed itself into an unexpected, innovativeand non-conformist multidisciplinary laboratory whose aspiration is to create a media group where our intentions and aspirations are also the basis of the innovative projects we are passionate and dedicated to.

In order to develop new strategies we have also dedicated ourselves to the study of subjects such as anthropology and sociology, experimenting with unconventional forms of communication and creating contemporary projects among which Numbers, Dotscom, Path Art, with the aim of giving a message to the outside world that can be a motivation and part of a collective change.

The studio wants to define itself as culturally relevant, valuable, purposeful, interactive, altruistic and eco-conscious.

It wants to be an active and concrete support in the community.

Using methods of insight as hybrid/blending learning, at the same time we have also explored new technological frontiers such as the Metaverse, AR, NFT, studying these phenomena and their data that are an increasingly integral part of the contemporary context and the next world of communication.

LDF Studio was not afraid to evolve, identify new values and abandon old patterns of its field to inaugurate this current chapter of its multidisciplinary commitment in which continuous research, experimentation, art, design and culture are the basis of each project curated to go beyond the classic communication of the creative and fashion sectors and to be remarkable by adding value to people‚Äôs life. 

Satisfied with the new path undertaken and the results we are achieving, we want to be a team creator of culture that while telling the story of the world around us, shapes a better future.