April 2022

Dotscom aims to be the central apparatus that searches and connects people, in a single nucleus, in order to fortify, unite, and sustain its members.
The nucleus, in turn, seeks and creates new support mechanisms. Dotscom means true and real support among people without any profit and through a meaningful help that can have a tangible and positive impact.

Dotscom wants to be the core network that identifies and brings its members together with the goal of assisting them, and in turn, a network that seeks out and generates new support mechanisms.

We want to inspire our community by working on charity projects that are meaningful, we want to tell what’s happening and listen to what people involved have to say, we want to spark debates and stimulate thoughts to be part of the change together.
We want to create a connection that encompasses our interests, the artists that feed it, the episodes and the news that keep coming up.

The aim of Dotscom is, in fact, to promote all those realities and talents that want to challenge themselves and be protagonists and spokesmen of our society and its values, each one bringing its own contribution.

Dotscom is just one of the recent creative projects of LDF Studio in which experimentation, art, community and culture turn together to the problems of today to find answers in front of the great sense of detachment that people live today.

Dotscom is a media platform that provides context and clarity around some of ther most relevant and pressing issues of our times: culture, society, art. And above all, our future.