Project launch soon May 2022 LDF Studio is ready to launch a project that explores Augmented Reality and whose purpose is to improve creative communication by creating something out of the ordinary to the common human perception of reality, always experimenting with new frontiers of communication to create unusual and unexpected visions and experiences. Developed […]


 Project_ On going May 2022 Our desire to amplify the spaces in which we live through technology and our ongoing desire to experiment with new forms of communication have prompted us to create this project, which aims to superimpose virtual elements on real environments. The spread of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies […]


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Research_On going August 2022 Our economy is transforming, and the ways in which we create, communicate, work, and collaborate are changing. Today’s society and business landscape are characterized by trends such as pervasive connectivity, improved performance of information technologies, information abundance, and emergence of big data. Creativity has become one of the most important driving […]


Project_Ongoing April 2022 Dotscom aims to be the central apparatus that searches and connects people, in a single nucleus, in order to fortify, unite, and sustain its members. The nucleus, in turn, seeks and creates new support mechanisms. Dotscom means true and real support among people without any profit and through a meaningful help that […]


Research_On going August 2022 The volume of information has grown exponentially. Without even realizing it, we pour incredible amounts of data onto the Web every day. By “incredible,” we mean about 2.5 quintillion bytes, or a 1 with 18 zeros after it. If you have difficulty understanding the amount of data, you are certainly not […]


  Project_On goingJune 2022The 2022 edition of Design Week surprisingly transformed Milan into a large and crowded stage that brought back to the forefront the desire to revive, to reconnect with the community and to expand the very spaces in which we live. LDF Studio believes that this renaissance of public spaces plays a fundamental […]


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