Project _On going
March 2022

LDF Studio is engaged in a new creative project dedicated to urban art whose purpose is to redevelop ancient territories that need an urban renaissance and a cultural revival while maintaining intact the landscape, their atmosphere and their historical value.

The idea of the project was born in collaboration with the designer Chiara Orlandini in order to find a method that, through the connection between the arts, the urban space and the people who inhabit it, would facilitate the synergy between the artist and the community within the creative process in urban art.

Creating a heterogeneous but connected and collaborative community formed by inspired people who share the same values and feel together the need for change and growth has always been the basis of the creative work of LDF Studio.

LDF Studio ideated the “Cammino D’Arte” because walking, conceived as one of the fundamental ways of perceiving the world, precludes observing, using the body itself as a tool for perception, thought and awareness and is intended as an aesthetic experience in which to immerse ourselves and meditate on the space around us.

Walking is an essential tool of co-creation in the field of participatory urban art and with its project LDF Studio wants to encourage people to rediscover spaces, to appreciate what surrounds them and to make them become not only spectators but also an integral part of the artistic process itself.

The complex and interdependent relationship between people and the space around them has been the central issue of an ongoing interdisciplinary discussion that extends from geography to the fields of anthropology, psychology, history, sociology, ecology and the arts.

Il “Cammino D’Arte” takes its cue from the avant-gardes of the first 900, in particular from Dadaism and Surrealism in their promotion of human interaction with the artistic and social context. It is also inspired by the thought of the philosopher Guy Debord who claims the autonomy of individual experience through the creation of situations, moments of aggregation and artistic and cultural experience thanks to which the individual can find his condition of active subject in the reality that surrounds him.

LDF Studio believes that this project is also a method to encourage the interest of people to improve the public space in which they live, to increase the respect and to make art more usable in the daily life of the citizen himself.

Therefore, the walk becomes a dynamic process of knowledge that gives a new meaning to reality and allows the development of more efficient strategies aimed at the process of social participation and cultural transformation of both historical and natural territories.