Project_ On going

May 2022

Our desire to amplify the spaces in which we live through technology and our ongoing desire to experiment with new forms of communication have prompted us to create this project, which aims to superimpose virtual elements on real environments.

The spread of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies is shaping a dimension in which physical and virtual objects are integrated at different levels. Thanks to the development of portable and embodied devices, along with highly interactive physical-virtual connections, the customer experience landscape is thus evolving toward new types of hybrid experiences.

With our project Numbers we therefore want to offer a different perspective, to enter this next dimension by creating engagement and providing an original and contemporary way with which to express and communicate by doing so through an advanced digital language such as Augmented Reality.

From this comes our personalized AR filter, created in collaboration with design director Beatriz Lozano, with which we want to encourage interaction with the Numbers sweatshirt that is no longer just a garment limited from being worn and observed but also becomes a form of active creativity, personal and shared with other creators through social.

The sweatshirt Numbers wants to tell the story of the connection that exists between people united by a sense of belonging to a community and was created by LDF Studio as a means of manifesting an identity, as an extension of body language and object through which the wearer enters into a relationship with others and the outside world through real, virtual and fluid interaction.