Project launch soon
May 2022

LDF Studio is ready to launch a project that explores Augmented Reality and whose purpose is to improve creative communication by creating something out of the ordinary to the common human perception of reality, always experimenting with new frontiers of communication to create unusual and unexpected visions and experiences.

Developed in collaboration with design director Beatriz Lozano in her New York studio with the intention of giving shape to our ideas through AR, we have elevated our Numbers project to an interactive dimension.

LDF Studio wants to enrich human sensory perception with information that would not be perceivable with the five senses and today has applications in a wide variety of fields with growing potential in the marketing communications space, fashion and luxury.

As creatives we think that at the moment we can take advantage of various and accessible technological tools that, as a support and cognitive enrichment, allow us to push the boundaries, letting us create and then work freely with an always innovative vision.

Through new forms of AR inserted within the real world, LDF Studio wants to improve our creative perspective of reality.